Garden compost

15 Jun Will My Compost Pile Attract Pests?

Creating your own garden compost is a great way to reduce your waste, save money on your garden, and ensure that you’re getting all-natural nutrition for your garden. However, many people hesitate to start composting in their own yard out of fear of attracting pests.

It’s true that compost piles can attract the attention of creatures, from raccoons and rodents to snails and mosquitoes. Here are some tips to prevent problems, and ensure that your garden compost is as beneficial to your home as it is to your tulips!

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Little girl being bitten by mosquitoes

01 Jun Be Mosquito-Smart this Summer

The summer of 2017 is shaping up to be an especially mosquito-ridden year. A mild winter and wet spring has led to increased mosquito populations across the country. As the cold weather thaws, mosquitoes come out of hibernation, growing and thriving as the summer months progress. Mosquito season usually starts when the daytime temperatures consistently stay at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. In Utah, that’s usually right around mid-April.

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01 Nov Preventing Spider Infestation in Your Home

spider web outsideVery few, if any, homeowners can say they like finding spiders in their homes; but unfortunately, spider infestation is a problem that many homeowners are familiar with. Even if you’re used to dealing with spiders in your current home, there is a lot that you can do to reduce and even eliminate the spider population. Here is a look at how you can prevent spider infestation in your home.
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15 Oct Winter Weather and Mice

Now that the weather is getting colder, we’re all getting excited. Utah’s fall colors are painting the mountains red, yellow, and gold, and football is back in season. We’re all looking forward to cuddling up by a fire under a cozy blanket with a mug...

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