Riverton in the Salt Lake Valley

2008 W 13070 S
Riverton, Utah

Our office in Riverton gives us the extraordinary opportunity to be part of the rapidly-growing community of the southern Salt Lake Valley. From our Riverton location, we’re able to understand and serve the particular concerns of the region, including the surrounding areas of Draper, Herriman, Bluffdale, Sandy, and South Jordan.

Rapid Development Creates Specific Pest Control Challenges

In the past few decades, Riverton has boomed from a small, agricultural town to a hub of Utah business and industry. Residential real estate development that started in the 1960’s brought talent and families from all over the region to build a community of enterprise and innovation.

This rapid development has an effect on the pest control needs of the region. As more residential developments are built, native insects and rodents have to migrate in order to have their own space. Often, there’s a delay, and many families who move into new homes notice that convincing the beetles, mice, voles, and spiders to fully move away is an ongoing process.

Smart Guard Has Experience in the Area

With our specialization in the area, we’ve seen just about every pest that calls the Salt Lake Valley home. We have extensive experience recognizing signs of native pests, and knowing the best practices for getting them out of your home permanently. We take extra time to truly understand your concerns and read the signs of various insects and critters. Our customer service is second to none, and we go the extra mile to ensure that your pest problems are taken care of.

Common Pests of Southern Salt Lake

  • Funnel web spiders (a.k.a. hobo spiders): Although the hobo spider is one of the common worries of Utah residents, this species was recently removed from the CDC’s list of venomous spiders. However, these are still common pests that are unwelcome in homes.
  • Black widows: Female black widows are probably the most dangerous pest commonly found in Utah. Although a bite won’t cause severe trauma for an adult, they can be dangerous to children.
  • Ground spiders: These are harmless spiders, but they very commonly make their way into people’s homes. However, those of us who get squeamish at the sight of spiders will still welcome a deterrent.
    Ants: Ants are certainly one of our most common complaints. After all, where one ant goes, the rest are sure to follow.
  • Carpet beetles: Carpet beetles infest anything from clothing to food storage, which is why they can cause big problems for homeowners. Effectively controlling the infestation is vital.
  • Assassin bugs: Assassin bugs are familiar sights to anyone who has grown up in Utah. Although they’re harmless for the most part, and only go indoors by accident, their bites can sting and an invasion can destroy the peace of your home.
  • Indian meal moths: These moths feed off of cereals and flour found in your pantry. Because they’re small and discreet in larval stages, it can be very difficult to remove an infestation.
  • Termites: That’s right, even Utah’s dry climate can harbor termites that feed on your house’s wooden structure and cause major damage
  • Rodents: Rodents like voles and field mice who make their homes in fields during the summer and fall often move indoors during Salt Lake’s cold winters. During this time, it’s common for people to find signs of droppings, nesting, and damage to food. Given rodent’s quick reproduction rate, it’s vital to identify and eliminate an infestation as soon as the first signs are spotted.