Insects, in all their varieties, serve many functions in nature. This doesn’t mean they should have a place in or around your home. SmartGuard will spray your home, using a radius of two feet up and two feet out, to ensure protection and elimination of these pests. In the case of wasps, SmartGuard will also sweep the eaves of your house in order to make sure the job is done well.

Get Rid of Insects in Your Home

No one likes to find a bug hiding in the corners of their house. For one thing, it’s just plain gross! But even if you ignore the “ick” factor, insects can be a major hazard for your house. Depending on the species, they can damage or compromise your property, like infesting your mattress, or chewing holes in your clothing. They can even damage the integrity of your home. Other insects can pose a health risk for you, your children, and even your pets by carrying disease or causing irritating reactions.

Here are some of the insects that we target and eliminate when we treat your house for six-legged pests:

Termites: Termites are probably the first thing you think of when you consider insects that could be harmful for your home. However, many Utahns think that they’re safe from these wood-eating insects, believing that termites won’t favor our arid climate. After all, termites love wet wood, and in Utah, everything from our lawns to our lips dry out with just an hour’s exposure to the air.

Well, in homes where water and humidity are controlled and manufactured, we’re still at a high risk for termites. Areas where the sprinklers commonly spray, or water pools, leaks in the plumbing, and insufficient weather seals will all create rot that these critters are drawn to. Careful maintenance will guard your home from the most obvious pitfalls, but the only way to keep your home secure is to get your house treated for insect invasions.

Ants: Although they’re not usually harmful or dangerous, ants can be a huge bother for homeowners. After all, where one ventures, soon millions follow, venturing into your pantry, your dining room, and even your dog’s food bowl.

Fleas: Fleas are a common irritant, especially among our furry friends. However, flea bites can also cause diseases like typhus or tapeworm. Fleas can jump up to 7 inches high, and can hide in carpet and fabric. Although they tend to infest pets more than people, that’s only really because we wash more often. Humans can catch fleas just as well as pets.

Ticks: Ticks can cause encephalitis, various fevers, and most dangerous of all… Lyme disease. Ticks like dark, damp places, and are often found in the woods, but they can also infest your home, or the surrounding area.

German cockroaches: When people think of insect pests, their minds will usually summon the image of a cockroach. It’s the classic pest, and often is associated with a building on the edge of condemnation. In Utah, the most popular cockroach is the German cockroach. This cockroach is distinguishable by the the two dark stripes near their head, which are noticeable against their tan, or light brown, bodies. What makes German cockroaches so nasty is the odorous secretion that they produce, which can make a room smell foul, and even affect the flavor of certain foods that are exposed to the stench.

Kissing bugs: Despite their rather innocuous and sweet name, the kissing bug is anything but romantic! Discernable by their dark, flat bodies, as well as the bright colored stripes around their thorax (usually yellow, red, or orange), the kissing bug is a parasitic, blood-sucking insect. Although a kissing bug’s bite is usually not painful, or even noticeable, the real danger of a kissing bug is that it is highly known to carry the T. cruzi parasite. When bitten, there is a possibility of the kissing bug transferring this parasite to you, which can cause Chagas’ disease. This disease inflames the nervous system and can cause heart problems.

Our services also include treatment for other various insects, such as:

Keep your home and family safe and secure by shielding against insect infestations today!

As with all our services, SmartGuard will use home-friendly products to make sure our services do not injury your family or pests. There are also all natural products available for those wishing to avoid the use of chemicals.

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