Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bug Extermination

Boxelder bugs are an annoying pest found in many regions of North America, and unfortunately, are commonly found here in Utah.

They’re identifiable by their black bodies with distinguishable red markings along the edges of their thorax and wings. Boxelder bugs can bite, but they’re not venomous, so as far as we know, they’re relatively harmless to humans.

Although they don’t pose harm to us, they like to invade our homes, especially during the winter, and hibernate in our walls. Come spring, they’re all going to wake up and you may find yourself with a small(or large!) infestation on your hands. The biggest issue you’ll face here is if they lay eggs, because it will be harder to get rid of them. Again, they won’t really harm you, but you don’t want a large colony of boxelder bugs living in your walls and making their home there.

Preventing Boxelder Infestations

There isn’t a ton you can do to get rid of boxelder bugs once they’re already there, aside from calling us to come and take care of the infestation for you! But, there are preventative measures you can take to keep these bugs out of your home.

Make sure the walls in your home are sealed well, so there aren’t ways for the bugs to get inside them. If there are any noticeable cracks, chances are that bugs have access to the inside of your walls. Make sure that your windows are sealed up! This is how the bugs will get in. Any rips or tears in screens, or cracks around your windows, are also how they’ll get in.

We can keep them out of your home by spraying outdoors, and we can also take care of an infestation after it’s already happened.