Types of Rodent Pests

A mouse sits in a corner

A rodent infestation can cause serious problems for both the inside of your home/business, as well as the outside. Although rodents don’t reproduce at the rate of most insects and spiders, they still multiply rather quickly, and can cause a great deal of damage in far less time. If you start to see the signs of a rodent infestation, it’s important to get it taken care of early on, rather than wait it to get more serious. There are dozens of different species of rodent that can be found in Utah. However, here are the main types that you need to discern between…


Mice are some of the most resilient mammals in the world. These small nocturnal creatures have spread from small pockets in Asia to the point where they inhabit every continent in the world, except Antarctica, at great numbers. Mice are mainly nocturnal, due to their poor eyesight. However, they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, and their small size allows them to avoid their many predators. The main types of mice to worry about in Utah are house mice, which are usually found indoors, and deer mice, which are usually found outdoors. The main threat that mice have is that their droppings carry many diseases, and they will usually infect your food storage.


Despite the fact that some people keep them as pets (nothing wrong with that), rats have been an enemy of mankind for centuries. Indeed, there is even an urban legend that purports that rats and their diseases were to blame for the fall of Rome. Regardless of all that, one thing that is certain is that a rat infestation is something that you will want to take care of sooner, rather than later. Rats are renowned for spreading diseases to humans, and can even seriously bite smaller children! Another major problem with rats is that they curiously chew on nearly everything, including wires. A rat chewing on a wire has been known to be a fire hazard, which is just one other reason they are dangerous to have around.


Although rats and mice usually cause the most damage inside of a home. Voles are known for destroying a home or business’ landscaping. Voles are small, furry rodents that frequently get mistaken for mice. However, unlike mice, who will find their shelter in small spaces, a vole will make their own by effectively burrowing anywhere it wants to. A vole infestation can cause gardens, trees, flowerbeds, and even sprinkler systems to die and be torn up. Voles are not quite dangerous like rats and mice, but they can be expensive if they are allowed to burrow and spread through your property. Although not as common, gophers can also cause a major amount of outdoor destruction.